The Get Engaged program is an innovative program from the City of Seattle and the Metrocenter YMCA. We place emerging leaders ages 18-29 on 15 different public Boards and Commissions each year and support their development of leadership competencies.

The applications for the 2013-2014 Get Engaged term are closed. Keep an eye out for the open applications in April 2014! Until then, many Boards/Commissions have committees that the public is welcome to serve on, and regular meetings are also open to the public. Participating as a member of the public in either or both of those capacities may interest you. Also, proving that you are interested and excited to be involved in the Boards should prove to be a great leg up if you choose to apply for a Get Engaged position next year! Do not hesitate to email seattle.get.engaged@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Get Engaged has placed new members on the following City of Seattle Boards and Commissions for the September 2013-August 2014 term:

  • Seattle Arts Commission
  • Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board
  • Citizen’s Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board
  • Commission for People with Disabilities
  • Seattle Design Commission
  • Design Review Boards
  • Seattle Human Rights Commission
  • Landmarks Preservation Board
  • Seattle LGBT Commission
  • Seattle Board of Parks Commissioners
  • Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board
  • Pioneer Square Preservation Board
  • Seattle Center Advisory Commission
  • Seattle Women’s Commission


8 Responses to “Home”
  1. Adam says:

    I had an opportunity to serve on the Seattle Design Commission through the Get Engaged program. It was a great experience and would HIGHLY recommend serving in this capacity if you are desire to help make Seattle a great place to live. The other board members were great. They welcomed me onto the team and allowed me to have a voice. Great experience!

    • Roni says:

      Great to hear, Adam! Thank you for serving and for encouraging others to do so.



    • Jackie says:

      Hi Adam, I’m interested in applying for serve with the Get Engaged program. Would you be interested in connecting before the deadline so I can ask you a few specific questions about your term?

  2. Sarah T. says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in attending a meeting for the Citizens’ Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Board so I can get a better sense of the committee and express my interest in the Get Engaged Seattle program.

    I understand that this committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Would it be possible to get in touch with someone on this board to introduce myself and arrange to attend a meeting, potentially on Tuesday, April 8th?

    Thanks very much, I look forward to learning more about this board and meeting its members!

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